Welcome to our Team 2021 website!

We’ve created this website to help the people who have decided to build a business together. We needed tools which would enable us to start and build a successful e-commerce business that would be suitable for people from all over the world, with any level of skill, of any age and background. Tools which would always be available where you are and also to provide the necessary information for you and your business.

We know that a person who is still to try or about to start their own e-commerce business is full of doubts and has a lot of questions. We also know how straight forward and 100% predictable this business is, which enables us to say: “You can do it” to each and every single person who is yet to start exploring this opportunity. If we have a look at what we actually do here is that we are giving each and every person the opportunity to shop online, using the Amway website and sending other people the link to register and try it for themselves. These people can live in one of over 100 countries in the world which Amway accomodates. These people can make their own decisions when they want to do their online shopping and when they want it delivered. This enables us to create our team. We earn a percentage of our team’s online shopping value which is paid to us directly. Every person who has registered at the Amway website can repeat our steps and also earn a percentage of their team’s shopping value. This is why we have created this website. It is our “Beginner’s Guide” for everyone, no matter where they come from. Our task is to help and motivate all of our new partners with our knowlege and also share our own experiences and lessons we have learnt while building this business. Together, we can reach all of the countries where Amway exists and help them become successful.

Welcome! Become a part of our team and let this website help you develop yourself as person as well as your business.