To get started in Amway and start building your own business, you have to register and get your own ABO number. You can only get such a number by being sponsored by someone already in the business. Our income through the business is determined by the amount of points’ value that is created through the amount of sales in your team. You achieve sales by:

  1. Personal Shopping (25% cashback if sale value is over £100)
  2. Customer Sale (retail price sales to clients and you receive 25% of that value from Amway to your bank account)
  3. Group Value – these are sales from your partners, sales from clients (see above) and personal sales as well (see above). All of those contribute to your overall sales value which then creates PV.

Amway gathers all of the turnover achieved by you and your team and awards you according to the following Bonus Scheme.

Points Value  –     % Bonus

600                 –         6%

1200               –         9%

2400              –         12%

4 000              –         15%

7 000              –         18%

10  000           –          21%

In addition to this, for every 21% group built within your team, you also qualify for a 6% leader’s bonus which is calculated through that group’s turnover.