In our business, we have the opportunity of developing ourselves and our partners by attending regular educational functions. These functions are led and presented by experienced speakers who are very successful, long-term business owners. These speakers are a part of Network 21 system. They come from very different backgrounds and countries and have a lot of useful advice on how to be successful in the Amway business which they are already achieving.

Typically there are two different kinds of these functions. One of them is BBS, which stands for Business Building Seminar which is a few hours long and happens every 6 weeks. The second one is a Weekend Seminar (WES). These functions start in the early afternoon on a Saturday and end on Sunday afternoon, around 5pm. Weekend Seminars happen about 3 Times a year and are not to miss!

Our upcoming functions in England, UK are:

BBS – 13th of September 2015 – near Heathrow airport (speak to upline for more information)

WES –  information coming soon

We strong recomend attending all of these functions as they will help you build your business and become successful. For more specific details, please contact your upline.