In an e-commerce business, our main task is building a wider consumer organisation. We achieve this by presenting the business to other people and suggesting they try it for themselves or that they can register and do their own comfortable online shopping but for a lot less. In both cases they will need their own personal Amway account. To do so, they would need to have a sponsor. To become a sponsor of the interested person is an easy task.

  1. Login to your own account.
  2. Go to “My Business Information” tag
  3. Go to “My Office”
  4. Then click “Sponsoring”

You will be able to send an email invitation to your potential new partner where they will receive a personalised registration form that links back to the sponsor (you). The new partner will then fill out the registration form and be automatically registered and “put” into your business. Now you have a new partner which you can now ask whether they want to just be a client or whether they would like to repeat your steps and also become a Business Owner, sponsoring new people into their own business.