In every business, you need to follow certain steps from the very begining. Every business has its own steps of how to build it successfully. It also includes e-commerce businesses such as Amway. Amway has its own steps that have been proven to be working over and over again. Since the Amway business is low-risk and treated as a “bit on the side”, it’s usually not seen as a serious business. As soon as it is not being taken seriously, the person will not follow appropriate steps and that could lead to failure, really quickly.

Team 2021 is a group of people that are here to help you and each other with their experience. We follow the same steps that people who are already very successful in this business have already taken. We work with help of Network 21, a huge multinational company. Those people’s experiences show us that first steps to success are small but if completed in detail, following instruction, they can create a strong base to a future successful business.

First step is to get to know the products on offer by purchasing them and testing them ourselves. We need to have our own opinion of the different products for us to recommend them to other people.

The second step is to show our friends and families what is on offer and how they can shop online for themselves and to add a few details about the bonus scheme, too. They will tell you how interested they are – whether they would rather build a business or just continue to just shop online. We can share our information and opportunities with our friends all over the world using Internet. This is why e-commerce business is the future and so successful. Distance isn’t a problem anymore. Please look into “Sponsoring” to see how you can add other people into the business.

The result of following these two simple steps is that you now have a small business involving a few clients and a few partners already. This is the start of your business. Future success will come with time and future duplication. We teach our new partners how to follow the same steps we’ve just followed. Your next few steps are explained in the section called ” First Month”.