We’re a team of people from differrent countries and cities. We’re all of different age, working different jobs, having different careers. We’re connected by the same goal. By working together, we can create additional sources of income for our families, which enables each one of us achieve our individual goals.

We have decided to use Amway’s e-commerce business model and add our dedication, hard work and effective teamwork.

We’ve decided to use Internet as an opportunity, to communicate and build our businesses. You can build the Amway e-commerce business while working from home, by using new technology and that is exactly what we are doing here.

Team Mission

In a friendly atmosphere, respecting our differences we are building an organisation of independent businesses that are working together. These businesses deliver financial as well as emotional satisfaction and offer a safety net for our families in the future. In 2021, we want over 2000 partners in our team to reach 21% bonus level.